Why Oil is an Important Resource


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In the United States, oil is a very important resource for a variety of reasons. For example, when industrial engineers build heavy machinery, they coat oil on key mechanisms so that metal gears don’t lock. Besides this purpose, there are many other reasons why oil is a valuable resource throughout the country.

Oil Protects Engines

When motors are powered up, various internal components move and generate friction. Over time, the energy that’s produced from friction can damage metal surfaces on rods, gears, and other components. Oil prevents heat damage by friction because it creates a slippery layer that helps metal components glide in different directions effortlessly.

Oil Powers Vehicles

Gasoline that powers automobiles and landscaping equipment is made from crude oil. The oil is transformed to gasoline during the refining process. During the earliest phase of a refining job, crude oil is boiled. After the oil reaches a proper temperature, gases and liquids are strategically divided in a unit called a distillation column. The liquids that are extracted from crude oil help engineers make

  • Paraffin
  • Diesel
  • Petrol

All fuels that are created during the refining process have hydrocarbons. In order to give specific fuels different characteristics, industrial engineers use a combination of unique hydrocarbons.

Business Opportunities

Oil companies have many departments, and most departments give people various employment opportunities. In Texas, oil is in demand because there are dozens of businesses in the oil industrial. Over time, more businesses will debut since oil field construction Texas is in progress. Oil fields greatly benefit the economy because they create more jobs for industrial workers.

These are just some of the reasons why oil is a vital resource in the United States. Although many car companies are now manufacturing electric vehicles, multiple businesses will still need oil for other purposes.


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