What Do You Need to Know About Running a Car Wash?


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A car wash can be a lucrative business. Before you throw your life savings into squeegees, however, you should learn a bit more about what it’s like to own and operate this kind of company. Consider this your all-purpose guide to running a car wash. Construction Unless you’re buying a preexisting car wash, you’ll need to decide how, where and when to build your own. Location will be the most important thing; a car wash in the middle of the woods won’t do very brisk business. You should also consider the availability or suitability of things like underground water lines. Where will they go? How hard will they be to install? How much will they cost to create? Budget Speaking of costs, that’s another big issue when you’re starting your own business. The general consensus is that it will take a year before you start seeing any profits, so you’ll need enough capital to carry you through that time. Make sure to have a strong budget during your first year of operation. Curb any frivolous spending habits. Don’t let go of your money unless it’s absolutely necessary. Amenities What kinds of services will your car wash provide? Will you wash, wax, buff and polish? Will you include air pumps so that drivers can fix their deflated tires? Will you sell snacks and air fresheners to world-weary travelers? Don’t let any potential profit slip through your fingers. If you can dream it, you can create it. Maintenance Car wash maintenance will be quite important to the growth of your business. No one will want to wash their vehicle at a place that looks like it needs its own wash! Before you build multiple parking lots or install shiny chrome features in the building, make sure that you’ve factored in all of the effort and expense of keeping them clean. It isn’t easy to run a car wash. By utilizing these tips, however, you can reduce your stress and increase your profits as you build your business from the ground up. Good luck!


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