Ways to Save on Decorating your First Home


If you’re moving into your first home you may be wondering just how to decorate it, especially if you’re on a tight budget because you spent all your extra funds on the move itself. Furniture, appliances, and kitchen supplies can wipe out your savings within hours leaving you with the barest of necessities in your new place. If this sounds like your situation, here are some tips on ways to save while decorating your very first home:

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Be thrifty. Check out resale shops, consignment shops, and online sites that feature people selling their gently used items. You may be surprised to find many of the items are new or show no wear at all.

Look for discounts. Even major retailers have great deals, you just have to find them. Look online and pay special attention to the clearance sections of your favorite stores. If you find a great deal don’t buy it immediately; instead make sure another site doesn’t offer a lower price and see if there’s a discount or coupon you can use to lower the price even more.

Ask your family. Friends and family are usually generous and want to help, so don’t be afraid to ask. Your cousin Amanda may be redecorating and willing to give you her set of cushions and throws, or Aunt Jen might be in the midst of ordering a new living room set despite the fact her current one is only a year old. Once the word gets out that you have a new place most people you know will be ready to offer things they don’t use or need, and the price may not exist at all!

Make it yourself. If you need decorations for your new place you might want to take a trip to your local craft supply store and see what you can create on your own. Most major craft retailers offer free or low cost classes on many different crafts, so you may learn a new talent while you’re at it.

Improvise. Flat sheets can be used for window curtains, a vintage thrift store bowl might make a gorgeous flowerpot. Use your imagination and you might surprise yourself with what you create!



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