Uncommon Career Options after Engineering


Offbeat Career Options after Engineering

Some engineers are always in a dilemma whether which career options to choose after their engineering degree. For the present generation engineering has been the most desired career. This is because the present generation is able to build a passion about something they want to pursue after their four crucial years. After 12th many students don’t get into their desired colleges like the famous NIT’s, IIT’s etc. through the JEE mains and advanced. So a degree in engineering has almost become a nearly a desire of every youngster’s dream. However, we now are seeing that there is increasing trend to choose career options that are off the track with engineering.

Here are 6 career options to choose after engineering.


Getting an MBA after engineering is the most preferred trend these days. But you always don’t need a MBA degree to enhance your entrepreneurship skills. These skills are learned by students during their engineering period while they participate in the cultural or technical festivals held in their colleges. You could just as well move to this field after you are done with your engineering studies. There are even resources for getting your bachelor’s degree if you choose to further your business education. Start-ups are now not just so uncommon for engineering students as they just need an idea to start with, but the idea should be unique because there are so many start-ups coming up every year. Facebook and Flipkart are such successful start-ups that were founded by engineers.


Writers with no doubt writers have always been liked in all the ages in this digital world of internet. Knowing the subtlety of blogging can turn you into a successful celebrity overnight. People are accepting new generation writers because of their uncommon ideas. So, if you have the right idea that you think can appeal to the masses, or have a passion for writing about something that touches the hearts of the people you can choose this as your career option and live your dream. All you need is the blog that you could create easily on the internet and start writing.

Stand-Up Comedy

This career option may seem to many as very unusual, but in recent trend this field is emerging as a very successful career option. Stand-up comedy is a type of comedy routine which involves a comedian to perform in-front of a live audience. This involves bringing out everyday light situations in a humorous way, individuals interested in a stand-up comedy career should also be able to come up with original jokes or humorous observations on a regular basis. Youtube is a huge platform where one can directly act to show their skills if they are not comfortable with a large audience. TVF, AIB are some of the platforms on youtube that are very successful and have given opportunities to various comedians.


The Army is really the best option for those who want to live a life less ordinary.It is full of adventures, excitement, challenges, thrill and much more. There are various wings of the army that one can choose like the air force, navy wing, one can join the technical wing which deals with R&D of the arms and ammunition for the army. For engineers, they have to clear basic exam of CDS which is conducted by the Indian army to recruit for defense training. In this exam basic NCERT CBSE 10th and 12th exam questions are asked.

Film Making

Filmmaking has always been a career where youngsters can always get their creativity flowing. There is always basic training that’s required but the main part is the story that you want to showcase. As in this digital world, one can start in a small way like youtube and various other production houses that support youngsters to showcase their short film. So, there is no need to have a thought that this career is all about struggling. You can start small with the internet and grow with your skills and passion.

Event Management

Careers in Event management are always filled with energy. It involves organization, design and coordination of conference, weddings, conventions, product launches, and any occasion that requires someone in complete control to the event a success. Event managers are creative people who would like to run the show using their brilliant multi-tasking and communicative skills. You will learn you to bring creative ideas to life and spend time with creative themes and formats, and liaising and communicating with clients. One example would be a movie ‘Band Baja Baarat’ where Bittu and Shruti show their marriage organizing skills very effectively.

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