Tip rhinoplasty as a less invasive surgery to refine your nose


In present times due to advancement of science, people can now easily change their appearance if they are unhappy with it or want to look young. Facial plastic surgery is a safe way which can lift loose skin, get rid of fat under the chin and refine the shape of your nose, chin brow or ears. A cosmetic surgeon should be consulted in case you are thinking about undergoing a plastic surgery to discuss various important things.

Nose is a prominent facial feature which helps in various body processes such as tasting, breathing and also helps in hearing. Vast number of people are not happy with the shape of their nose, including those who have had a nose job previously. Many people are having a revisionary rhinoplasty, because many surgeons are not able to perform this surgery due to complexities attached to it.

Nasal shaping helps in creating a balance between various facial features. You can choose to undergo this surgery if you don’t like the shape of your nose due to it being hooked, round or bulbous. It not only helps in correcting the shape, but also helps in correcting the deviated septum.

Nasal reshaping also address anatomic portions of nose including bridge, the tip and the radix. If you just want to change the tip of your nose you can go for tip rhinoplasty. Tip rhinoplasty focuses on altering only the tip of the nose and not other parts surrounding the tip. The procedure of altering the tip consists of subcutaneous tissues, skin and the paired lower lateral cartilages. Nasal reshaping surgery can also transform aesthetic characteristics of tip of the nose.

In order to increase or decrease the tip of the nose a cosmetic surgeon can manipulate the curved lower lateral cartilage. Also, in order to increase or decrease the angle between the upper lip and the tip or width of the tip surgeon can manipulate the cartilages without much difficulty. Another option is increasing or decreasing the vertical height of the broadest part of the nose.

A trained and skilled cosmetic surgeon can alter various aspects of your nose using different approaches and latest techniques. One such approach is called open approach which involves making an incision on the skin of the columella and several hidden incisions inside the nostrils. Other approach is called internal approach which involves making concealed incisions only inside the nostril. Both of these methods are good but ideal method will be that one which your surgeon feels that, it will lead him to the desired results.

Usually, tip rhinoplasty is done on the people who have bulbous tip. However this surgery is also competent to solve other problems most commonly droopy or asymmetric tip, under or over projection and a hanging columella.

It is important to be cautious before undergoing this surgery because changing the tip of the nose can easily alter the balance of the entire part of the organ. Hence, you should not choose that surgeon who is offering you a short-cut in this surgery.

Only a board certified and experienced cosmetic surgeon should be chosen for best and desired results.


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