The Latest Innovations in Software for Machinists


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The amount of changes in machine and millwork in the digital age isn’t just staggering, it’s downright revolutionary. The innovations keep coming and getting better, with software products like Mastercam 2019 and others. Here are some of the most important new features available in the field.

Preparation Improvements

The setup itself has been streamlined in many programs. This is due to breakthroughs such as advanced support for CAD (Computer-Aided-Design) model import and expanded MBD (model-based-definition) support. Fixture setup and part preparation have improved as well.

CNC Programming

In 2019 major steps have been taken forward in CNC (Computer Numerical Control) programming. Program efficiency supports improved productivity with new improvements of 2D through 5-axis toolpaths. Swiss machine functionality, new mill-turning and lathe machining support are also major upgrades.

Tool Support

The digital tool library available to mill workers and machinists has never been more vast, and it only continues to grow. They have expanded in 2019 to include the latest new cutting tools as well as accelerated finishing, prime turning, and a bigger accurate range of tool assembly models.


When using CAD or CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) software, you want to be sure you can plan and map out your moves before you actually execute them. It’s the digital equivalent of the old adage “measure twice, cut once.” Fortunately, analysis systems on products such as the Mastercam 2019 are better than ever before. Some program assurance features include toolpath graphics, and improved toolpath and machine simulation.

Not long ago, machine work measurements were difficult to accurately estimate, and mistakes were costly in both time and money. Now, software has been significantly upgraded to streamline processes and make mill and machine work more versatile, precise, easier to use, and even safer. In 2019, great advancements will make your life easier, and who knows what the future holds?


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