The Importance of Garage Door Spring Repair and Maintenance


Keeping your garage door springs properly maintained is the most important thing you can do to ensure that all of your equipment works smoothly and properly. Although different parts of the garage door like the panels, cables, and metal tracks require regular attention and maintenance, the springs are the most important part. Not paying enough attention to the springs could cause you more complicated problems which will result in you having to pay more money in the long run. Listed below are a few reasons how proper spring maintenance can keep your door in the best possible shape and increase its lifespan.

  1. Maintenance extends the life of your garage door- you yourself can take simple steps to increase the lifespan of your door. Firstly, you should use oil to regularly maintain different parts of your garage like the pulleys and the metal track. This must be done at least once in six months using a light oil or silicone spray. If need be, you should also regularly replace the weather stripping as well as ensure that the nuts, bolts, and screws are tightened.

Additionally, your entire mechanical system will last much longer if you take time to carefully examine it regularly. You should look for tears or shredding of the cable as well as rusting or dents in the metal tracks. Further, regularly check your locks to make sure they are working properly. If you properly maintain all of these parts, your system is sure to work better and last longer. If you have any doubts as to how these things are carried out, it will be best to employ the services of a professional.

You should keep in mind that things related to springs are not something you can handle on your own or should even attempt to try. Torsion springs as they are known, are dangerous and can only be addressed by a trained professional. If your system is in your house, you can simply call maintenance once a year. But, if it is being used more rigorously in a commercial setting, make sure to get it checked twice a year at least.

  1. Safety inspections- there are several cases of people getting injured by garage doors every year. These injuries range from minor things such as cuts and bruises from faulty parts to extremely dangerous cases such as doors falling because of broken springs. Therefore, it is important for you to get your repair service person to conduct a safety inspection along with a maintenance inspection at least once a year. He will be able to offer you advice on whether you should replace or repair certain parts of your garage door system
  2. The importance of spring repair and replacement- if you do not regularly maintain your doors, the rollers inside the doors can become stuck and this will require you to replace your metal tracks. Additionally, the opening mechanism can also stop working and this will result in your door getting jammed and not opening or shutting completely. Your metal tracks may also lose the proper alignment and again cause problems. In the worst case, the torsion springs may lose their tension or break and this will cause the door to suddenly fall. Such an occurrence could result in a serious injury or even death. Preventive maintenance will help you by not only saving you a lot of money but also by keeping you and your family members safe.

Create a maintenance schedule to follow regularly in order to be safe and secure at all times. Do your research well and find a garage door contractor who can handle all of your maintenance needs.


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