SNAP Toppers Share Their Secrets to Qualify the Exam


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Symbiosis National Aptitude Test (SNAP) is the mandatory exam to get admission in MBA/MSC (CA) /MSC (SS) courses in15 affiliated institutes of Symbiosis International University.

Every year around 50,000 to 60,000 students appear for this test. Number of students who are appearing for SNAP is increasing as it is one of the finest exam to get a seat in one of the India’s Premier Institutions. Score secured by the student in this test will be accepted by 15 premier institutes of Symbiosis. Based on the scores in this test, courses will be allocated in these colleges.

As Symbiosis is one of the premier institutions,competition among the students is increasing to secure a seat in their desired course and desired college.

In order to help the students to be successful in this exam, we bring out the success mantras and preparation strategiesfollowed by Toppers of SNAP:

  1. Sourav Dutta: He is the topper of SNAP 2015 and a National level Professional Archer. He didn’t clear this exam in his first attempt. In his second attempt, he secured 99.99 percentile and opted for MBA at SIBM Pune. Tips that helped him are

Using Social Media: As he was not good at English Comprehension in his first attempt, he focussed to improve that by reading news and passages, participating in debates and writing few paragraphs. It helped him to be confident andimproved his approach to attempt large comprehensions in the exam.

Analysing weaker Areas: Weaker areas should be analysed and strategies should be changed accordingly. Focus should be increased on such areas.

Positive Attitude: According to his analysis, reasoning was tough as compared to the other subjects. He spent more time on solving the puzzles and problems to get a better score and momentum with positive attitude.

  1. SandhiniNagvekar: She bagged 99.99 percentile and secured a seat in SIBM Pune. According to her, the success mantra is to maximise the speed and minimise the errors.

Practising Mock Tests: Practising Mock Tests helps to understand the pattern of the exam in a better way and to analyse how to manage time.

Increasing Efficiency: As the time plays a major role, efficiency should not be impacted by time as increasing errors will increase the negative marking which inherently pull down the score.

Stay Focused: Focus on the things which need to be improved and keep up to date with the current affairs and never allow anything that can distract you from the preparation.

  1. Akshay Kumar Singh: He scored 99.97 percentile in SNAP 2015. His preparation strategy was to keep things simple and understand the fundamentals.

Understanding Fundamentals: Before jumping in for the preparation, brush upthe fundamentals to understand the concepts clearly and build the concepts on those fundamentals.

Don’t believe in last minute Preparations: Try to avoid the last-minute preparation, it’s better to revise the important points. Keep the things simple to lower the anxiety and keep calm.

Preparation for General Knowledge: Follow the current affairs and be updated with the latest buzz going on. Best thing with the General knowledge is either you know the answer or you don’t know the answer. It requires less time to complete this section as compared to the others.

  1. Madhur Mehta: He scored 99.23 percentile in SNAP and 96.65 percentile in CAT. He chose Symbiosis Pune instead of the other B-Schools.

Prepare Regularly: Prepare regularly for all the sections and spend more time on the weaker areas. Apply the concepts which you learn in day-to-day life to improve your skills and get faster in calculating.

Spend time wisely: Take up Mock Tests and analyse your result. It helps in improving your speed in the examination.This will also help in analysing the time required to answer a question which helps in managing time efficiently in the exam.

  1. Akshaya Iyer:Iyer scored 99.78 percentile in SNAP. He secured a seat in MBA programme at SCMHRD.

Preparation for GE-PI: Preparation for GE-PI is also one of the important aspect. Apart from the SNAP score, GE-PI score also plays an important role for securing a seat in desired college. So preparation for SNAP and GE-PI should go hand in hand to yield better result.

  1. Yash Akhaury: Yash scored 99.37 percentile in SNAP. His strategy is to start from the basics.

Start from the basics: Start the preparation from the basics, never be in a hurry to jump to different concepts without knowing basics. It increases the fear about the exam.

Our View:  

Preparation for this prestigious exam requires focus and determination. Prior understanding of the pattern of the exam and referring previous question papers will help to understand things better. Start the preparation from the basics and build concepts upon the basics. Giving mock up exams will help to analyse the areas in which effort needs to be put on to improve.Analysing the weaker sections and understanding the difficulty level is also important.

Regular practise on Quantitative and Reasoning will improve the logical and analytical skills to solve the problems with accuracy and less duration. Thing going on in and around the world should be noticed in order to score good marks in General knowledge section.

Importance should be given for all the sections equally. Attempt the section in which you are stronger at the first so that you can gain more time to solve the other sections. Never get disappointed with the failure at the initial stages and self-motivateyourself to gain the confidence. Prepare the notes to save time while revising the concepts before exam day. Have a good sleep before the exam and keep things simple. Interact with the other students who are preparing for SNAP to understand the competition and the strategies to follow.



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