Revisit These Playing Cards Tricks to Win at Rummy


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A player of rummy won’t master the game unless he discovers some of the tricks of this game. It may seem like insignificant tips but can make all the difference in the game. Following these tips can decide your fate in the game. Go ahead and read the magical tricks for a rummy game that may lead you to victory:

  1. Wise Arrangement of Cards

Most people do not understand why expert gamers of rummy arrange their cards in a peculiar fashion. If you want to win the game, you should be able to plan your moves quickly. This means that you should have a clear memory of the cards in your hand. There should be no need to look at your hand again and again to know exactly which cards are there. For this purpose, good players of Indian rummy game arrange cards in the following order:

  • They arrange all the jokers to the right side of their hand
  • They arrange all the cards that are to be disposed to the left side of the hand
  • At the centre, they arrange groups of same sign cards together in ascending or descending order
  1. Assess Cards When Distributed

Once the playing cards are distributed and you have arranged the cards, assess them. See whether there are chances for making a pure sequence. See how your hand fares when it comes to points in the hand. See how many jokers you have in your hand. All this will help you decide whether it is worth playing the hand or whether you should pass the game for the nominal penalty.

  1. Focus on Pure Sequence

A good rummy player should know that without a pure sequence, one cannot win the 13 card rummy game or any other variation of rummy. So, as you get the cards, your attention should first go to making the pure sequence. In rare cases, if you have too many jokers and this prevents you from making a pure sequence, you need to dispose jokers.

  1. Make Other Sequence

The real sequence is termed as life 2 because this is also equally important to avoid loss in the game. Once you have made the pure sequence in rummy cards, focus on making the real sequence. A proper planned approach is always the secret to victory.

  1. Discard High Point Cards

After your life is formed, you need to make sure the points in your hand are reduced. The best way to do this in rummy online is to dispose off high point cards that are not a part of any sequence or set and replace it with low point cards.

  1. Pay Attention to Opponent Moves

While you plan your moves in online rummy, you should also have an eye on the moves of the opponent. This will give you an idea if he is winning the game. It will also help you quit half-way through the game and lose less points.

  1. Avoid Picking from Discard Pile

Just like you observe the moves of the opponent, he will also be keenly observing you. That is why you must be cautious never to give a hint. Do not pick cards from the discard pile as it gives him a hint regarding the cards in your hand. Never let your expressions reveal joy or sorrow over your cards. This may also give a hint to the opponent.

If you want to master all the tricks listed, practice is the key. You may go for rummy game free download and master the tricks mentioned above before your next big game.


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