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Concealment clothing is a must if you need to pack but keep it discreet. Nothing is more uncomfortable and amateurish than telltale bulges in all the wrong spots when you’re trying to come and go like a ghost. Luckily, UnderTech Undercover has you covered with some of the finest undercover clothesin the world.

Carry Like You Know How

Nothing’s worse than fumbling at the moment of truth. More than awkward, it’s potentially dangerous. Staying on top of the situation means being able to pull your piece out smoothly and deploy at the drop of a dime. UnderTech Undercover features a selection of tops offering concealment carry in an array of body positions.

Choose a single pocket beneath a single armpit or a single pocket beneath both armpits. There are also highly durable tactical vests for concealed carry in any casual situation where you need to blend into a crowd. Vests and shirts come in neutral, solid colors, such as white, black, gray and blue. A variety of necklines, from crew to deep “V”, lets you switch up silhouettes to suit your assignment, tastes and upper wardrobe layers.

Intimate Concealed Carry: What a Man Has to Do

As if you don’t already have limited room for your junk, UnderTech Undercover creates some of the most fitted yet comfortable boxer briefs for concealed carry. There are solid colors and prints to peruse as well as boxers with carry positions on either lateral side of your body or the front of your body. Boxers are constructed with resilient stitching and reinforcement at stress points to provide optimal support without excessive bulging.

UnderTech Undercover are the makers of the “Original Belly Band,” a concealed carry wearable holster prized among Homeland Security, the FBI and the CIA. The company’s diverse collection of colors, fabrics and cuts makes their clothing and undercover clothes suitable for any concealed carry application. The company’s social media is a repository for brand fans who not only post tagged photos but suggestions and snapshots of new uses for UnderTech Undercover in concealed carry scenarios.


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