Modern and Contemporary Decorating Ideas


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Simplistic, sophisticated, uncluttered and purposeful are keywords to keep in mind when you’re trying to achieve a modern or contemporary décor in your home. It best to take a minimalistic approach when furnishing and decorating each room and to use restraint when adding accessories. The basic color palette for modern and contemporary decors is neutral, black and white. A bright or bold accent color can be incorporated into the décor.


The furniture style for a modern or contemporary décor typically features smooth lines. Curves and well-defined horizontal and vertical lines are acceptable. Generally, the furniture for these decors should not display ruffles, fluff or frills. Upholstery fabric in natural fibers and neutral colors will accentuate the simplistic, sophisticated décor style.

Window Treatments

Window treatments should be as minimalistic as possible in a modern décor. Neolux dual shades are an ideal example of a window treatment option that complements a modern or contemporary décor. They have the simplistic design and defined lines that are characteristic of these decors. Roller shades are a window treatment option that would complement a modern décor. Window treatments in a neutral color work well in modern decor.

Decorative Accessories

To maintain an uncluttered appearance, you should limit the number of decorative accessories you include in the room. It’s best to select a minimal amount of tabletop accessories and showcase the items you select by displaying them as solitary pieces of art. Hang one impressive piece of art on the wall rather than a collection of pieces. Houseplants can be considered a decorative accessory. Two-tone prints such as zebra, cowhide or leopard print rugs and pillows can complement a modern décor.

The absence of decorative busyness makes modern and contemporary decors feel more sophisticated. A room tends to be more relaxing when the decorative accessories don’t cause visual overload. Less is best is an ideal mantra to keep in mind when a modern or contemporary design is your goal.


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