Keep Your Company Prepared with a Robust Cyber Security Response Plan


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Cyberattacks on companies are more widespread, frequent, sophisticated and costlier than ever. Being hit is going to be painful no matter the size of your business. However, cyber incident response planning makes it less painful when you are prepared to bounce back.

It is smart to prepare as if a cyberattack is inevitable. A culture of awareness ensures you, your employees and customers experience minimal fallout after an incident occurs.

What You Should Not Do

The sheer volume of online security breaches provide numerous teachable moments on how you can try to avoid the same. One example making the best use of time. Every second counts once an incident is detected.

Denying the seriousness of the problem is not the best thing. You waste precious moments where employee and customer trust begins to fracture.

Perhaps the lack of response is because of an unstructured chain of command. To say the least, getting hack is embarrassing. However, it is worse when your company looks incompetent to handle the incident. Competence, organization and control should never be questioned.

Proof that your company lacks foresight is overcorrecting or implementing a fix that only creates more problems. Although you cannot predict the future, you can be prepared to make decisions in a timely fashion to minimize damage from a cyberattack.

What a Cyberattack Response Plan Should Do

Effective cyber incident response planning involves codifying the necessary steps for detecting and reacting to a breach. The executable plan considers the scope of the attack and risks. Each step taken is a rapid and thorough response.

Doing this ensures your company responds in a swift and orderly manner. The opposite is a frenzied and haphazard response that keeps your company’s reputation in jeopardy. You want to act in ways that do not damage your company, employees, customers and brand.

Be Ready to Execute an Efficient Response

Your purpose for having a cyber incident response plan is to help your company respond quickly and efficiently to online security incidents. Having a comprehensive plan in place protects all stakeholders in your company. It will also mitigate how far the breach impacts your company in the future.


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