Jump The Red Light Next Time And You Will Be Gifted An E-challan


Traffic police’s surveillance system has undergone major transformation in some of India’s metro cities such as Mumbai, Kolkata and Bengaluru. The system has become digital. This digital evolution is helping the traffic police keep a check on violations and levy traffic police fines with the help of E-challans. The next time you violate a traffic rule, you might get an E-challan through an SMS.

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What is an E-challan

An E-challan is an electronic challan. It is similar to the current challan handed over by the traffic police but it is in an electronic format, like an email. There is no need for a physical copy.

How Does E-challan Work?

Consider you are waiting at the signal on your bike. You wait patiently for a while for the signal to turn green but it doesn’t. You glance at your watch and want to reach office on time. There is no traffic police official nearby so you decide to jump the red light.

You ride ahead and reach your destination thinking no one saw you violating traffic signal rules. But you are mistaken. You were not only watched but also recorded by the CCTV camera installed at the signal. The camera captures your vehicle’s details and the algorithm connects the dots at the back end and sends you an SMS stating your violation. It also has a link through which you can pay the traffic penalty.

You can also log on to the traffic police’s website and check if there are any challans in your name. If a traffic official stops you for a routine check, the official will enter your name in their database and check for unpaid challans. Thus, it is better to pay the E-challans as and when you receive them.

The police has a data repository and repeat offenders are penalized severely. It can also lead to cancellation of your driving license. As it is illegal to drive a vehicle without a valid driving license, cancellation of your driving license will mean that you are barred from driving till the time you get your driving license back. Driving without a license will lead to traffic police fines.

Benefits of E-challan

Listed below are major benefits associated with E-challans.

  • Better Surveillance

By leveraging technology in the form of CCTV cameras, the traffic police have increased their ability to monitor vehicles. A camera can capture a lot compared to couple of traffic police officials monitoring the traffic signal. The cameras need not substitute the traffic police but enable them to perform their tasks in a more productive manner.

  • Increased Efficiency

E-challans are streamlining the penalty process. Previously, the offline process was driven by traffic officials individually making it difficult to create an organized ecosystem on a large scale. With E-challans, the entire penalty system has been streamlined and moved from being individualistic to being holistic. This ensures better operational efficiency.

  • Reduced Corruption

The E-challan penalty process doesn’t have an intermediary. It is regulated and transparent. The offender is contacted directly via an SMS for violating the law and has to pay the fine online. This reduces the scope for corruption.

  • Scalability

Currently, the E-challan system is installed in selected Indian cities. Going ahead, this can be scaled up and installed in other major cities as well as in Tier two cities. Learnings from the existing system can be worked on and implemented when the E-challan system is installed in other cities.

Being Responsible

Be a responsible citizen by following traffic rules. It is necessary to follow rules and regulations for your safety as well as third party’s safety. Note that purchasing at least a Third-party Insurance is mandatory as per law. For better coverage, you can opt for a Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance policy.




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