Jump Down game hooked by lakhs of users in just a two week


Nowadays mobile phone is not only used for calling but also used for gaming. Hello everyone, if you want to play some exciting games on your mobile or laptop. Jump down is the best game for you. This game is developed by “Javary Games “a company based in Brazil. Enjoy hours of fun time with dodging, jumping and diving activities. It is an easy jumping game which can be played by 10 years to 50 years old. This game will prove to be a great challenge. Hurry, up download it now at with no cost.

What is it about?

Jump down is an offline game and it does not require any internet connection. There is a character in the game that jumps and crosses the obstacles like rock packs, springs etc. With one tap of the finger, you need to control this character with the jumping stick and have to win all the stages. You can put your skills at a test with this fast-paced game where you to jump and overcome the obstacles. Many users and reviewers are saying that it is fun to play with the exciting features of Jump Down.

Is it a good game?

Jump Down is an irresistible game that is why it has been downloaded by lakhs of people in just two weeks. This additive mobile game has been marked 5-star rating by daily active users. Its characters and animation are charming.

How to win the different levels of this game?

It is very easy to follow the game instructions and on single fingertips, you can play it. There is a boy character in the game which has a jumping stick. You can control the character and can follow various tricks to guide the character up and down and clear various difficulty levels in a simple way. And as the game progress, you will every move and you will be thrilled to jump on the right platform and clear all the levels. You need to avoid various obstacles to win the game. As you guide the character further you will gain more scores.

Why you should play Jump down

Currently, Jump down is the latest and very popular game. You can download the game at no charge from Google app store. It has gained number one status in the gaming world. This game is extremely playable by people of all age from youngster to adults. New version 1.1 has been released recently.

How Jump down game application is different from other games?

Different themes

Many numbers of online games left unrecognized and unplayed due to its complex features. People forget soon about such games. Jump down has the best game content and liked by many gamers. There are many varieties of themes and you can choose one as per your interest. You can come across an adventurous theme in its latest version.

Easy to score

This game will remind you of nature and it shows various challenges which you need to cross in order to win. In many games, if you lose any level game starts all over again. This is not possible in Jump down the game. Here if you fail any level, the game will automatically get resumed from there itself. This way you will not lose the score and chances of winning are higher.

Beautiful graphics effects

The game graphic effects are mind-blowing and it has the rich visual effect. You will get a 3 D feel and will have the feeling of the real gaming world. You will get into the game and forget about anything else.

Easy downloading

It is very easy to download the game from google app store in seconds of time. Many games are so heavy that they take a whole night for downloading and it makes the working of your mobile very slow. Jump down is not a heavy game and it does not occupy much space on mobile. After downloading you don’t need an internet connection to open it. You can play anywhere anytime, while traveling, in the bathroom, in office, boring parties etc.

Regular updates

The team of Jump down game regularly update the features in the game. This makes it more exciting. It is fun to play this game as it has unlimited challenges with exciting paths.

Rewarding system

The daily rewarding system will engage you all the time. You will always be thrilled to play at any level.

Final words


With all the above exclusive features the Jump down the game is specially made for android phones. The only disadvantage is that the team of Jump Down is still working to launch an application for IOS phones. It is just a casual game which will make your mind feel relax. So, it is a time to download the game and try it on your own. To Install Jump Down Here.



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