How to Get Rid of Odors in an Industrial Blender


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When an industrial blender is operated in a kitchen environment on a regular basis, odors will begin to generate in the main chamber. These odors are typically produced after certain foods with strong scents are blended, such as bold spices and vibrant herbs. The strongest odors happen while garlic and onions are crushed and blended, which is a big problem since these items can impact how desserts and other delicate foods taste.

Determine the Cleaning Method

Because different industrial blenders have unique cleaning requirements, you must determine if a product should be washed in a dishwasher or a sink. You can gather this information by reviewing the owner’s manual. If a gadget must be washed by hand, you shouldn’t try to use a dishwasher, as the cycle may damage vital operational or housing components.

Implement Practical Cleaning Procedures

In order to protect an industrial blender, you must implement practical cleaning procedures that suit the equipment’s design and maintenance requirements. If you’re going to cleanse a gadget that requires hand washing methods, you must unplug that unit from the electrical socket to ensure the highest level of safety. Next, you’ll need to carefully detach all of the mechanical components that are mounted on the base of the unit. If you detect odors on any of these parts, strategically cleanse the surfaces with soapy water. Then, rinse each component individually with clean water.

Use Vinegar

Depending on the smell that you’re trying to remove, the intensity of the odor may not fade easily after various components are washed and rinsed with soap and water. During these situations, you’ll need a strong substance that can destroy the harsh scents, and one of the easiest and safest solutions for bold industrial blender odors is vinegar. In order to use vinegar effectively as a odor fighting tool, you must combine it with tap water. You can achieve professional results by using a 50 50 ratio of vinegar and water.

Since some odors can easily linger in a blender, these cleaning procedures must be implemented shorty after strong, bold foods are blended. If you want to maintain a fresh, clean blender container, always use strong vinegar products.


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