How to Find Oil Water Separators That You Can Rely On


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Industrial filtration should be one of your top concerns. There may be various effluent discharge regulations that you need to adhere to. As such, you need to find oil water separators in North Carolina that you can rely on. There are various features and benefits to be on the lookout for.

Simple to Operate

It’s important to use an oil water separator that is simple to operate. Many don’t require any kind of external power. You will want to consider how connections are made and what the disposal methods are. This will make it easier to remove oil from compressor condensate and various other environments.

Premium Construction

Consider the construction of the oil water separator, too. For example, the inlet chamber should have two inlet connections and offer multiple positions for installation flexibility. You should be able to access the primary settlement chamber easily for cleaning. The main settlement chamber should also be spacious enough to allow for enough time for the oil and water to separate.

High-Quaity Considerations

Take a look at how the oil water separator stands out from its competition. There should be various high-quality considerations, such as a pre-filter for extended carbon filter life. You will also want to look at the size of the carbon filter, seals on external oil containers, and how adjustable various outlet funnels are to make it easier to remove collected waste oil.

When you have an oil water separator that you can rely on, it will make it easier to function within your industrial operations. It’s important to look at the various characteristics offered by a unit so you know what you are going to get and whether it is capable of meeting your current standards.


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