How to Find an expert in family dentistry?


Children can be incredibly confused and scared on being taken to the dentist, thus making the experience a rather traumatic one for you. To see your child upset will naturally worry you, however, to maintain good oral health, it is also essential to see a dentist regularly. Finding a child friendly or family dentist can resolve the issue for you while still ensuring great oral health. While finding your family a dentist or investigation family dentistry, there are certain points to consider:

Bedside Manner

In order for your kid to feel more comfortable, the family dentist must have a great bedside manner. They must avoid using long or technical words that may scare your child off and should rather explain simply of what they intend to do and the reason behind it. Moreover, dealing with children, they must be patient and try to understand any fears or anxieties or simple restlessness. Usually, dentists that are trained in family dentistry have undergone extra hours of training on making young children feel comfortable around them and thus being fearless about their visit to the dentist.


An extra residency training completed by pediatric dentists would enable them to work with young babies, children or pre-teens. Dental care provided to adults is extremely different from pediatric dentistry since the mouths of the children are still growing. Common dental problems in children caused by use of pacifier, thumb sucking or teeth grinding would thus be better understood and tackled by a pediatric dentist trained to handle such cases than a general dentists.

Fun Environment

A bright and colorful area, well equipped with games, toys, and books for the children to play while required to wait can cater to the child’s anxieties in a better way. This special area, when made enjoyable will make the experience of waiting at the dentist’s clinic a less daunting experience for the child than one spent looking at posters and banners of unhealthy teeth and disturbing pictures of tooth diseases.

Free consultations or free visits

Pre-visits or free consultations are offered by a few family or pediatric dentists in an attempt to make the child feel familiar with them and to show the child around their surgery, explaining the equipment and the importance of dental checkups and treatment. Instead of scaring the child into complying, it should be chit chat session of convincing the child for better teeth health than threatening of tooth diseases.


Leaflets designed specially for children to look and read are a good idea for the dentist to inform the child of common dental procedures the child might undergo. These leaflets should be attractive, bright and colorful and must use terminology that the child can understand. This information will instill in the child a sense of confidence about the treatment.


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