How To Avail Car Insurance Conveniently During Monsoon?



There are various ways in which you can buy a car insurance policy. These ways include buying car insurance online or via offline methods. In this article, we will explain the ways to buy car insurance and add-ons conveniently to secure yourself and your car against financial losses in monsoon.

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How to buy Car insurance Offline?

Through an Insurance Agent

An insurance agent is a person who will assist you while buying car insurance from an insurance company. Agents are like offline representatives of the company. They are well aware of car insurance plans.

By visiting the Car Insurance company personally

You can buy car insurance on your own by personally visiting the nearest branch of a car insurance company. You can gather information from the brochures and from the help desk assistant if you have any queries regarding the car insurance plan you have chosen.

Approaching your car’s dealer

Car insurance can be bought from your car dealer as well. Mostly, they will have a tie-up with an insurance company to sell their plans. According to new rules, dealers are given a special license to sell car insurance plans.

Through an insurance broker

Brokers differ from an insurance agent on one ground. An insurance broker is licensed to sell car insurance plans from more than one insurance company. They will help you choose the best car insurance plan and Add-ons that are most suitable to your needs.

How to Buy Car Insurance Online?

Buying a policy offline is not as convenient as buying car insurance online. Here is how you can compare and buy car insurance online in a convenient manner.

Buying car insurance offline is time-consuming. If you buy the policy from any of the above-mentioned ways, you need to continuously follow up to understand the status of your car insurance policy.

Buying car insurance online is the most convenient way of securing your car financially against unforeseen events. To do so, simply visit the insurer’s website, submit your car details, browse plans and make payment after reading the terms and conditions of the policy. You can also know what is covered and what is not covered under your car insurance plan by exploring the plan details.

Add-ons Beneficial in Monsoon

Add-ons can be bought only with a comprehensive car insurance policy. These are additional coverages which you can buy to customize your car insurance policy according to your needs. Here is a list of add-ons which will be beneficial for you this monsoon.

Engine protection cover

As the name suggests, an Engine Protection Add-on will cover you financially in case of damages caused to your engine. In monsoon, the possibility of water entering the car’s engine increases. If seeped inside, the water can cause an engine to stop functioning optimally. Availing an Engine Protection Add-on will be very helpful for this season.

Bumper to Bumper Cover

In metro cities, the number of traffic jams is higher as compared to other parts of the country. If you live in a metro city, buying a Bumper to Bumper/ Zero Depreciation Add-on is necessary. Through this cover, the insurer will not deduct the cost of depreciation at the time of car insurance claim. Thus, in monsoon, if your car meets with an accident, you can ensure that you receive the maximum claim amount under the Bumper to Bumper cover.

Accessories Cover

An accessory cover is to be purchased if you modify your car and get the new parts insured. These modifications are expensive in most cases. Insurance will pay for the cost of repair or replacement if these accessories get damaged. It is a good idea to buy an Accessory Cover in this season as water can damage most of the mechanical or electrical modification you made to your car. Thus, secure yourself against damages by making a car insurance claim if these accessories need to be repaired.



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