Everything You Need to Know About the Rann Utsav


Standardized by the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited, The Rann Utsav is a festival exclusively celebrated in the virtue of the greatness of spirit on the Rann of Kutch which is unique and different geographically and ethically, more ravishing than you can exclusively ever fancy unless you have been there. Gobbling up to shopping, the hoopla’s here have you enveloped from each territory. The experience cannot be prescribed in words. You exclusively need to watch it acknowledge how amazing it feels to be there. So,book Goair domestic flights at Makemytrip and relish this amazing festival with friends and family.

When does Amazing Fiesta happen?

This glorious celebration is a winter bash that occurs when the moon is at its shining best and air is crusty. It is basically a one-monthCarnival, but just like all nice stuff is chosen to be adhered onto for as long as probable, the Rannotsav is certainly no unique. The celebrations of 2014- 2015, for example, started at the first week of December and came to an end in the starting of March.

Where Does It Take Place?

Reigning in Bhuj, the celebration covers the full district whereby the splendid end is organized at the fundamental spot of the tent city, Dhordo, nearby a small suburb. Dhordo is comfortably accessible from Bhuj. Dhordo is 67 kms away from a small airport in Bhuj.

The Festival and All That It Endeavors

The amazing Rann of Kutch is the gigantic flatbed of ceaseless white sand, and this is the place where all the celebration of the festival of life takes place. This complete stretch of the land stays exclusively enveloped in water until two-three months before December, but the Kutch is imbued with heart and spirit when winter comes. It’s virtually like the white desert was immuring till now.

The Conveniences

The extraordinarily organized tent city at Dhordo offers you with every probable convenience that you can even consider Air-conditioners and room-heaters to a 24/7 accumulation of hot water in the median of the desert, you will desire for not a single thing when faced with the excessive warm temperatures of Kutch. No information has been eventually left uncovered here, no specification ignored. The ‘city’ has a manifestation center, a market space, 2 colossal dining halls and an adventure area, aside from the 400 tents.


The shopping market here will exclusively make your heart groggy. It is certainly because the sea of incredible choices will eventually leave you so confused and dazzled at the same moment that it might be a quite tough for you to manage. You are on the cuff to ultimately treat your eyes on the precise indigenous contents of Gujarat in basic and Kutch in specific; all around the space, there is a lot of tricky Kutchi embroidery, amazing leather assets, stunning block-printed textiles, beautiful silverware and elegantly designed accessories. Shop as much as you desire to.

The Enticing Cuisine

Food Lovers, grip it right there! You would desire to hop on the delicious cosine as soon as you reach here. Unusually, the ones who are not food lovers are eventually quite willing to execute the same stuff as a matter of experience. The 2 amazingly big dining spaces cater scrumptious authentic Kutchi cosines. Food lovers will desire to indulge their hungry taste buds and wanting appetites at all seconds, and the coordinators of the RannUtsav recognize that only too well. Accordingly, you have several food corners where you can exclusively indulge yourself exclusively at the flukiest hours possible.

You must take a trip to the Rann Utsav because it is certainly one of a kind. This grand fiesta is fantastic and vibrant, but it has a soul…one that beats quite slowly.


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