Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Comfortable All Year Long


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Everyone wants there home to be a comfortable oasis. You want it warm and cozy in the winter and cool and refreshing in the summertime. There are several threats to your comfort found throughout your home. Drafts sneak through windows and under doors while maintaining a steady temperature in every room is a constant challenge. Use the following tips to help keep your home at a comfortable level throughout every season.

Protect Drafty Windows

Be sure to caulk around windows to fill in any gaps. Then you want to layer window coverings over it to act as insulation. Lace or sheer curtains with heavier drapes over top work best. The drapes can be closed to keep hot sun or cold air at bay. If you don’t like how this blocks your view, consider the solar shades new york apartment dwellers rely on to still allow them to see outside.

Seal the Doors

A lot of interior air escapes through the doors. Although you can’t help having to open them from time to time, you can put barriers in place to make them more insulating when closed. Install a good quality storm door if you don’t already have one. If you can still feel air creeping in underneath, use a draft guard placed in front of the door or add a rubber sweep to the door itself.

Know What to Heat and Cool

Many people think they should close their bedroom doors during the day. This really doesn’t save anything because when you do open the door, it is like opening an exterior door and letting cold or hot air into other areas of the house. Only close off unused areas.

By adding additional layers to your windows, you will be stopping many drafts that threaten your interior comfort. Guarding against the air coming in or escaping around the doors is just as important, and knowing how to make heating or cooling your home efficient will help immensely when it comes to keeping a steady temperature throughout your home.


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