Dangers of Overspeeding


The advanced technology used in today’s automobiles have made them attain extreme speeds. The maximum speed on a simple hatchback is 160 kmph while on a scooter is around 100 kmph. These basic vehicles have the capability to reach such high speeds. With each high-class variant, the speed at which these vehicles can run is higher.

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People do not always overspeed to “feel the rush.” Sometimes one could overspeed to reach somewhere faster or to reach in time for an important appointment. But the consequence of rushing away could be fatal and can cost a life, which is definitely not worth trading in exchange for being somewhere on time.

Rules Enforced Against Overspeeding

According to reports, on an average each hour, seventeen people died in India due to road accidents in the year 2016. One-third of these deaths occurred due to overspeeding. Which means more than five people could have been saved each hour if people had maintained their speed limits. To curb the number of overspeeding incidents and other traffic-related violations, traffic police issue challans. Traffic police challans are nothing but fines against traffic violations.

In India, rules and regulations stated in The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 are enforced on the citizens. This act covers all the rules of traffic police and traffic violation fines. For overspeeding on Indian roads, one can face a traffic police challan of Rs. 1000 or up to 6 months of imprisonment.

Case Studies

  1. A Himachal Road Transport Corporation bus plunged into a 400-mt deep narrow valley killing more than 20 and injuring several others. The sole reason for this accident was overspeeding. Had the driver refrained from going beyond the prescribed speed limits, the trip wouldn’t have been the reason for families to lose their loved ones. The accident was so grave that 19 people died on-the-spot while 2 lost their lives on the way to the hospital.
  2. Another unfortunate incident of overspeeding occurred on the Pune-Satara highway. On a dangerous ‘S’ shaped section of the road, a truck driver (deceased in the accident) was overspeeding. This led to a chain of accidents in which 18 people lost their lives. The same accident injured over 19 people. Survivors included several men, women and children. This patch of road is already dangerous and requires drivers to be extremely careful while driving. Overspeeding made the accident gruesome in every way imaginable.
  3. One of the many incidents involving a two-wheeler was when three riders were killed on-the-spot in Jaipur. In this accident, two more were severely injured and rushed to the nearest hospital. Overspeeding was the only reason this accident took place. Two bikes collided head-on with each other resulting in severe injuries to the brain of riders along with other vital organs. The bikes were completely flattened due to the impact of the collision. Blood was lost in large quantities resulting in deaths, in spite of villagers doing their best to save the victims.
  4. An incident of careless overspeeding was when a pick-up van rammed into the pillar of an under-construction bridge in Ranchi. The accident claimed the lives of 9 people on-the-spot, leaving 6 with severe injuries. The accident took place in the early hours of the day when there were least number of vehicles plying on the road. The primary reason for the accident is said to be that driver had no knowledge of the newly constructed bridge and was overspeeding with a perception that there were no obstacles on the road.

The effects of overspeeding are dangerous, what could be worse than a mother losing her child? The need for rush is fatal. One should be highly alert while driving a vehicle and follow the rules of traffic police as they help in reducing road accidents.



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