Can Xiaomi’s Killer Pricing Shake Up the TV Market in India?


Can Xiaomi's Killer Pricing Shake Up the TV Market in India?

Xiaomi has now launched three TVs in India a rather short span of time and our TV expert Gagan Gupta joins host Pranay Parab to talk about this development. Can the company revolutionise the TV market in India? We discuss that and much more. We begin by talking about Xiaomi’s new TV launches namely the Mi TV 4A and the Mi TV 4 and how those impact the market in India. We look at each TV individually and talk about whether the pricing is competitive in each segment. The Mi TV 4 with 4K HDR becomes the next topic of discussion and we discuss whether there’s more to that TV than the pricing. We talk about aspects such as panel quality and other things that you need to look out for before buying.

We also call out the claims of free content with the TVs and why you need to look at the fine print before buying any of them. The problem with HDR support is also on the agenda and we talk about the various standards and what you need to watch out for. We then talk about the availability of the Xiaomi Mi 4A and Mi 4 TVs and why it’s a sad situation for those who want to buy these products. We also wonder whether you actually need a smart TV, whether Xiaomi’s pricing strategy makes sense, and whether the new TVs are future proof.


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