Bitdefender Mobile Security Review


Bitdefender without a doubt, is one of the best mobile antivirus developers on the market.  The primary offering for Android is the Bitdefender Mobile Security. This application has more than 5 million downloads from the Google Play Store. This is because this application provides an extensive suite of features and it has an updated design user interface for tablets, smartphones and even for Android-based smart watches. This application is available for $14.95 with these extensive features.

Bitdefender Mobile Security does not contain a call or text filter that is normally found in some other Android security applications. But, it has the Android smart watch integration that is rarely found in security apps. The malware direction rate of this application is always good and the system impact of this application is light even during full scans.


This mobile security is not like other antivirus applications. That is, it is not a free product with two tires of service. But the users will get a free trial for two weeks, and after that, the users have to give up or to pay for the full application. The subscription fee for this application is $1.49 for a month and $15 for a year. This price configuration covers one device only, which is a loss for people with multiple Android devices. Users don’t get any discounts for additional services.

If the user has a credit card on file with Google Play, then he or she can activate the Bitdefender Mobile Security subscription by tapping on the Upgrade button on the home screen. Then the user will get an activation code directly from Bitdefender. After that, the user has to tap the ‘Menu’ button in the upper-left corner of the app and select Activation Code from the list. Users have to tap ‘Account Info’ for details regarding their subscription.

Malware Protection

The Bitdefendermobile application provides a manual scan of the user’s device. It also has an optional scan for external storage. This scan takes only a few seconds to complete. Users can start the scan from the central web portal of Bitdefender. But that scan will take a few minutes and provide the result of the scan on the web portal only. There was no indication on the user’s device that a remote scan had taken place.

This mobile security does not have the ability to perform scheduled scans. However, the web-security feature of this application blocks malicious sites, links, and downloads automatically. This is done by connecting to the database of the Bitdefender cloud services.

If the user visits some known phishing and malicious sites, the application will warn the user about the insecurity of the site every time with a brief description. It provides two options to the users whether the user is taken back to the previous site or continues with the malicious site. But, this is always the choice of the user. If the user wants to continue with the unsafe website, then they can go ahead with it. On the whole, Bitdefender Mobile Security is the best option for Android security.


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