9 Facts to be considered while relocating within Mumbai


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Mumbai, the city of dreams is the capital of the state of Maharashtra. This British cantonment town of the 15th century was earlier called Bombay. It used to be one of the major centers of export and import for the British. This was the reason why it developed rapidly. The city has gone crowded now, but still, a number of people still wish to settle down in this beautiful city of the Deccan Plateau. Mumbai has just everything for a newcomer. The nightlife, shopping malls, educational facilities, amusement parks, celebrity houses, and just everything one can imagine of.

If you are planning to move to this city, you must consider hiring trustworthy packers and movers in Mumbai that can help you in relocating quickly yet safely. But before you can shift to this city, knowing about certain facts is very important. It might make you turn your decision. Here are some of the major facts that should be considered while relocating within Mumbai.

Overcrowded City

The popular of Mumbai is ever increasing since the year 2000. According to 2011 census, the population of the city was 18 million that has risen to 21 million in 2017 (January). Though Delhi is the city of kind-hearted people, Mumbai never minds accommodating people from different states in the city. Nearly 30 percent of the city population is immigrant from different states of India.

Floods are Common in Monsoon

Though you will love to enjoy the rains in monsoon, the situations will get worse when it rains heavily here. All thanks to the poor drainage system of Mumbai. The roads are filled will water that can go 4 feet high at times. It is advisable to rent/buy a house on the first floor or above if you are planning to settle here in the city.

Traffic Jams Longer than Delhi

You might have heard that traffic jams are common Delhi, but you will be amazed to know that traffic jams are longer in Mumbai. Sometimes, you need to wait for hours if you stuck in the traffic jams while traveling by road. The jams are longer than your expectation. It is advisable to use the local trains or Mumbai Metro while traveling in the peak hours.

Local Trains

Local trains, the lifeline of Mumbai city are terribly flooded with the people from 6 AM to 9 PM. The pickpockets are common in the local trains. It is horrible to travel in the local trains if you are a newcomer to Mumbai city.

Don’t Store Food in Excess

If you were in a habit to store food stock for days in your old city then forget about it when you shift to Mumbai. The city being on the edge of the sea have moist climate throughout the day. The food usually gets spoiled if stored for longer days. Even the food stored inside the refrigerators can get spoiled.

A Home to Startups

Mumbai is one of the cities that have seen a number of startups grow big and rise to power. If you have come here in the search of a high-salaried job, you will definitely find it if you have the right skills.

Local Language

Though Marathi is the state language of Maharashtra, you will find most of the people speaking Hindi in Mumbai. As Mumbai has accommodated people from different states, you may find people having different accents.

Yummy Street Food

The street food of Delhi is hot and sizzling, but the Mumbai street food can give a decent fight to it. The finger licking snacks and delicious local food will always lure you up.

A City for Travel Enthusiasts

Mumbai is the city for the travel enthusiasts. There are a number of places to visit in the city itself and if you are bored visiting same places again and again then you explore the places near vicinity to Mumbai. Lonavala, Matheran, Pune, and Khandala among others are the popular places that can be visited near Mumbai.

The Bottom Line

Before you plan to move to Mumbai and hire some reliable packers and movers in Mumbai, you should consider these facts about the city and rethink your decision. If you feel like settling in the city of dreams, get ready to experience some thrill in your daily life!


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