5 Ways to Protect Your Chain Link Fence


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A chain link fence is one of the most long-lasting on the market. With the right care and maintenance, it can easily last several decades with few problems. Below are five ways you can help prevent damage and help it live a long, useful life.

Keep Trees and Shrubs Away

Even though chain link fences are durable, growing trees and shrubs can send limbs through the open links that begin pushing upwards on your fence as they grow. It can cause an extensive amount of damage over a year or two. Keep all trees and shrubs trimmed back away from the fence.

Protect Lower Portion From Pet and Wildlife Damage

Digging underneath the fence is a common problem with both pets and wildlife. Your pet can catch the scent of something intriguing and attempt to burrow out. Wildlife can burrow in from the temptation of pet food and water bowls. It can begin to cause sagging and deformed areas in the chain links. Running chicken wire along the bottom of your fence will help eliminate this problem.

Add Protective Fence Slats

Fence slats for chain link can be made of wood, vinyl, or even durable fabrics. It provides added privacy for your fenced area as well as protection for the chain links. It is easy to slide in the slats and they last for many years. You can find out more about this product from expert fence companies St Petersburg FL.

Rust and Corrosion Preventative Coating

Chain link fencing will begin to show signs of rust and corrosion, especially if you are in a climate that is high in humidity, rain, or exposure to saltwater. Spraying the surface with a rust and corrosion proofing material will help extend the life of your fence and make it look better, longer.

Your chain link fence is designed to last for decades. Taking little precautions now will prevent unnecessary damage that leads to major repairs or replacement.


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