4 Ways to Spruce Up Your Exterior Home Décor


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Exterior home décor is just as important as interior home décor. So, when you want to spruce up or brighten your exterior home décor, here are a few ways how.

Build a Porch or a Deck

When you think of a porch or deck, you likely conjure images of sweet tea, rocking chairs, and the sounds of cicadas and frogs. You might need a professional to help you build your porch or deck, but the end result will be worth it. Backyard barbecues will get better, and you have the opportunity to sitting and relaxing outside to watch the sunset. You could even hang a nice picture beneath a porch canopy, complete with waterproof, weather-proof metal photo corners.

Plant Flowers Around Your Home’s Perimeter

Flowers are nature’s beautifiers. They brighten their surroundings, so pick your favorites and plant a flower garden around the perimeter of your home. Or, if you don’t have the time to take care of something that ginormous, start with a small flower patch beside your front door. Then if you want to expand later on, you can go outwards on either side to incorporate more blooms into your flowerbed. Pick flowers that are vibrant and colorful to add that extra zing of beauty to your exterior décor.

Create a Garden to the Side of Your Backyard

While flowerbeds are super-nice for adding beauty and brightness, a vegetable, herb, and fruit garden to the side of your backyard adds a rustic charm. Use wood planks to create a perimeter for your garden, then find a clear spot in your backyard. You can use the dirt on your land, or you can invest in good planting soil from the local hardware store. Do your research into growing methods for your area though, as different veggies and fruit will thrive in different environments.

Invest in Bright Paints for Your Home’s Exterior

You might have seen some off-the-wall paint colors for home exteriors, but you don’t have to go full-on rainbow to make an impression and brighten your exterior décor. Blue is always a beautiful color, and various shades of purple are available for home exterior. Sure, you could go crazy and kooky with stripes, polka dots, and swirls. But, when you want a sophisticated exterior décor, it’s best to stick to a single, bright color that enhances the natural beauty of your home’s architecture.

When it comes to exterior home décor, you hold all the cards. It’s your house and you can do what you want to spruce it up. Just remember that bright colors, a nice deck, and a couple of gardens can go a long way.


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